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The Forensics in India gained a momentum in recent years. Days are gone when it was available only to the Law Enforcement Agencies, Judicial Officers, Crime Branch etc. Now, looking at the increasing crime rates day by day, it is high-time to teach Forensics at the University level to the students from all streams. It is equally important to engage the medical and the dental specialists in this field to attain high level of proficiency in the subjects. Presently, in the era of dominant and omnipotent Digital Media – Cyber Forensics plays a major role in detecting digital crimes, unethical hacking and impersonation etc.

Regarding the new curriculum introduced - M.Sc. (Forensic Science / Forensic Odontology) is definitely going to be the Game Changer for the dental community. As it has been documented in the literature that ‘‘Dental DNA’’ is the most intact and uncontaminated form of DNA. Also, Forensic Odontology would play a major role in Age Estimation, Sex Determination, Disaster Victim Identification, Facial Reconstruction etc. The Palatoscopy, Rugoscopy and Lip prints are equally important while comparing with the fingerprints.

Again in the Contemporary Forensics, the “DNA Finger Printing” is crucial in determining many crimes, rape cases, paternity issues, genetic disorders, child abuse etc. It was reported by the Govt. that last year around 13,000 out of 16,000 reported rape cases do not conduct Forensic Analysis. For future, The Govt. Of India has decided to establish five more Forensic labs in Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bhopal and Guwahati upgrading the capacity of the labs across the country to handle 50,000 rape cases a year.

We, at THE INSTITUTE OF FORENSIC SCIENCE, ALLIED HEALTH AND CRIMINOLOGY are keeping the trend, to impart various courses at Masters, Advanced diploma ,Bachelors and Diploma level. I hope the student community will benefit out of them not only in gaining knowledge but also in serving the nation.


Dr. K. Venkatesh
Director, Institute of Forensics, Allied Health & Criminology
Shri JJT University

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